Reign of Superman

Hello Geeks, in this episode we talk about Loki, Superman, and Lois and The top best 3 Supermen actors that we believe are embody the character Superman/Clark Kent. Lamentis” does not pick up right where things left off in Episode 2, with the revelation that the Variant being chased by Mobius was “Lady Loki” (for lack of a better term at the time), and that she has some sort of plan to destroy the Timekeepers. “A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events” is really the story of two (holographic) fathers. Jor-El trained Clark with a gentle touch before encouraging him to head out into the world to figure out if and why he would want to dedicate his life to being Earth’s champion.

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Tell us if you found our Easter eggs in this episode. Or should I say Riddle Stay safe and Be Kind?

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