Millarworld- The Magic Order (Mini Ep.)

The magic order, is a six issue series written by none other then the incredible Scottish born writer Mark Millar. If you don’t know who the hell is Mark Millar, then you my friend, just crawled out of a rock. Mark millar is responsible for Marvel’s Civil War, Old man Logan, superman red son, kick-ass, kingsman the secret service, wanted and many, many more. In 2017 Netflix bought Millarworld, what the hell is Millarworld? Millarworld is a huge library of comic books and graphic novels written by Millar, and published by image comics. Millar and Netflix is working together, not only to help publish his original stories, but also to create show and movie off his original work, that includes The Magic Order.

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Tell us if you found our easter eggs in this episode. Or should I say Riddle Stay safe and Be Kind. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere- Martin Luther King Jr.

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